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Brian Ulrich: Copia—Retail, Thrift and Dark Stores (8 Photos)

Brian Ulrich: Copia—Retail, Thrift and Dark Stores (8 Photos)

 All photos © Brian Ulrich. Courtesy Cleveland Museum of Art. Above: Black River Falls, WI, 2006.

Later this month the Cleveland Museum of Art will present the first major museum exhibition of work by contemporary photographer Brian Ulrich. “Copia—Retail, Thrift, and Dark Stores, 2001-11,” is a decade-long examination of the American consumer psyche. From the Latin word for “plenty,” the artist’s “Copia” series explores economic, cultural and political implications of commercialism and American consumer culture. The exhibition, featuring 60 photographs, will be on view from August 27, 2011 to January 16, 2012, in the museum’s east wing photography galleries.

 JCPenney, Dixie Square Mall, 2009.

 Klingsman’s Furniture, 2008.

 Untitled (Shopper), 2005

 Cleveland, OH, 2003.

 Untitled (Shoes), 2006

 Kenosha, WI, 2003

 Pep Boys 3, 2009

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