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Washington’s Enchantments

Washington's Enchantments

© Grant Gunderson

This image of Prusik peak was from a catalogue shoot that Grant Gunderson did for Outdoor Research in the Enchantment’s portion of the Alpine Lake Wilderness in Washington. Gunderson says, “We don’t do your typical posed and set up catalogue shoots working with Outdoor Research. We always approach it with a more photojournalistic style on trips with people, who are not models, in remote locations. Not always the easiest thing to do when your backpacking with a full load of camera equipment plus your regular gear during long distances with lots of elevation, but the out come is always worth while.”

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  1. I personally think this photo would have been better without the bright yellow tent and other camp equip on the shore. I ‘ve always believed in setting up camp 100 yards back from shores/views so you didn’t muck up the natural beauty and scenery that others have come to see. Yes, i know it was a shoot for a catalogue, jest saying.

  2. I actually like a bit of color of mankind at a base of majestic scenery, it sort of puts man in his/her place in the scheme of things. Gives perspective of the majesty of nature. I also like plain nature shots without man’s footprint. But I find when looking back over my nature photographs, my eye lingers where humanity is, be it someone I know or strangers. I believe one culture, either Japanese or Chinese always put a human figure in their painted nature scenes.

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