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Boys to Men (8 photos)

Boys to Men (8 photos)

 All photos © Paul Moakley. Above: Diver Prepares Himself at a Swim Meet.
Paul Moakley has created an in-depth chronicle of an all-boys catholic High School captured through large-format photographs and short films. Moakley, a former photo editor at PDN and currently the deputy photo editor at TIME, has begun exploring video in a photographically composed style. The subtlety of movements in his subjects expression or gaze present an intimate view, raising questions about prescribed gender roles, identity formation, and group mentality in teen-aged boys. High school is a trying time for male adolescent youth, and Moakley attempts to get to the core of issues boys face in their path to becoming men. He says, “my work asks questions about how institutions like school, religion and sports affect one’s development during adolescence. Everything is looked at in a very personal way from the school I attended to the town where I grew up.” Tonight Moakley’s exhibit, Vir Fidelis, featuring a collection of work from his 9 year project and an installation, will open at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art in Sailor’s Snug Harbor, Staten Island. It’s conveniently located near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. There will also be an artist talk on August 13 and a video workshop led by Moakley on September 24, 2011.

 Track Team Mass in the Chapel

 A Prayer Before a Football Game

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