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This Old House

This Old House

 © Peter Kayafas. North Dakota, 2010.

Peter Kayafas spent several weeks during each of the past three summers driving through the plains of the American West. From Nebraska to Washington Kayafas logged over twelve thousand miles. His primary concern during these trips was the vestiges of abandoned structures. These ramshackle constructs—houses, churches, barns, out-houses—have been forsaken by the people who made use of them, yet they still survive. In Kayafas’s photographs we get a strong sense of their fortitude—their sturdy foundations and well-constructed bones are evident, even when they’re on their last legs, battered by the elements and done in by time.  Kayafas’ exhibit, Totems, is on view at the Sasha Wolf Gallery until July 16, 2011.

-courtesy Sasha Wolf Gallery.

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