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POWER (10 Photos)

POWER (10 Photos)

© Platon. Above: Albert II. Sovereign Prince, Monaco. Reign since April 2005.

Platon’s new book, POWER, is a comprehensive historical record of our time and a ‘yearbook’ that captures the personalities and public faces of the world’s most powerful decision makers in a tumultuous political landscape.  “Although all of these portraits are of political figures, my portrait project is not political—it’s human,” said Platon, recently speaking about the book. “You put all the pictures together and, I think, it will give us a sense of what it was like to live in these times. You get a sense of the global personality of the power system. It allows us to stand back and to start to analyze what happened, who was in control—that is what this book is about.” To hear Platon talk about POWER, published by Chronicle Books,  click here.

 George W. Bush. President, United States. In office January 2001-January 2009.

© Platon. Above: Cristina Fernandez. President, Argentina. In office since December 2007.

 © Platon. Above: Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa. King, Bahrain. Reign since February 2002.

 © Platon. Above:  Kevin Rudd. Prime Minister, Australia. In office December 2007 – June 2010.

 © Platon. Above: John Key. Prime Minister, New Zealand. In office since November 2008.

© Platon. Above: Ban Ki-Moon. Secretary-General, United Nation. In office since January 2007.

© Platon. Above: Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al- Thani. Emir, Qatar. reign since June 1995.

 © Platon. Above: Vladimir Putin. Prime Minister, Russia. In office since May 2008.

© Platon. Above: Tony Blair. Prime Minister, United Kingdom. In office May 1997 – June 2007.

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