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David Goldblatt’s Johannesburg (6 photos)

David Goldblatt's Johannesburg (6 photos)

© David Goldblatt. Above: Waitress, Bezuidenhout Park. November 1973.

TJ Johannesburg Photographs 1948-2010/Double Negative is a joint project by photographer David Goldblatt and writer Ivan Vladislavic.  The result is an exceptional dialogue between Goldblatt’s 270 images taken over more than 60 years of photographing Johannesburg, a metropolis scarred by the consequences of apartheid, and Vladislavic’s narrative fiction.
TJ & Double Negative, published by Contrasto, recently won the “Best Photography Book 2011” at the Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards.

– courtesy Contrasto.

 The watchman, Balnagask Court, Hillbrow. June 1972.

 Concession store (shop catering especially to Black miners) interior, Crown Mines. May 1967.

 Wedding party, Orlando West. 1970.

 Time-office clerks (they checked hours worked by each man) and a miner, City Deep Gold Mine. 1966.

 On Eloff Street. May 1966.

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  1. As a photography student at Nelson Mandela Metropoloitan University I think Goldblatt’s images, where his compositions are crisp, often sparse and focuses on a single element, speak volumes.

    His images, although can leave one with many questions, force the viewer to see the background story, rather than photographing the straight forward and obvious. Goldblatt has been able to capture moments in time that has an underlying awareness of the happenings of the times, and yet still shows the subjects integrity.

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