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Look 3 Festival of the Photograph (6 Photos)

Look 3 Festival of the Photograph (6 Photos)

© Antonin Kratochvil. Polluted Garden, Romania, 1995. The cover image for Kratochvil’s book, Broken Dream. This book documents the tumultuous upheaval that took place in the Communist countries of Eastern Europe.

Managing Director of the LOOK3 Festival, Andrew Owen, explains: “LOOK3 is HOME. That’s the theme this year chosen by our curators, but it also signifies what we stand for: bringing the photography community together, celebrating our heroes, and inspiring the next generation. The Festival is designed to recharge you creatively and connect you to a family of people who share a love of the photographic medium.” At the core of the LOOK3 Festival programming are the three INsight Artists—Antonin Kratochvil, Massimo Vitali, and Nan Goldin. The INsight Artist program features a special print exhibit by each artist, and 3 nights of INsight Conversations at the Paramount. These on-stage interviews provide a rare opportunity to hear a photographic legend speak candidly about influences, process, and inspirations. A hallmark of the LOOK3 Festival is the annual TREES exhibit, which in 2011 will feature George Steinmetz’s stunning aerial photographs of remote landscapes around the world. Presenting artists also include George Steinmetz, Steve McCurry, Christopher Anderson, Ashley Gilbertson, LaToya Ruby Frazier, and David Liittschwager. Look 3 will take place from June 9–June 11 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Follow PDNPulse as we bring you highlights and interviews live from the festival.

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 © Steve McCurry. Robert Deniro, Last Roll of Kodachome.

 © Nan Goldin. Charlotee and Marie- Anne watching sunset, Christmas Eve, Sete, France, 2003.

 © Christopher Andersen. Atlas in bed, Christopher Anderson’s SON project.

 © Massimo Vitali. From Massimo Vitali’s Beach Series.

 © George Steinmetz. Wave fronts of the Pacific arrive at right angles to the wind that forms barchan dunes on Isla Magdalena, off the west coast of Baja California, Mexico.

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