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Matt Siber: The Untitled Project (8 Photos)

Matt Siber: The Untitled Project (8 Photos)

All photos © Matt Siber. Above: Untitled #1, 2002.

Matt Siber’s Untitled Project transforms images made in the traditional documentary style by stripping away the text of all visible signage, and digitally reconstructing it in an adjacent frame. The photographs, taken in North America, Europe and China over the past nine years, leave only visual (non-text) forms of communication such as colors, graphics, logos and architecture. The adjacent compositions of the text elements are based on how that text was found in the original photograph.

Siber explains the Floating Logos work, which grew out of The Untitled Project, eliminates the support structures of tall roadside signs, drawing the viewer’s attention to them “while leveling a humorous but pointed critique at the absurd power of the entities that put them there.  None of these signs are super-imposed.  They appear where they were found.”

 Untitled #14, 2003

Untitled #30, 2004

Untitled #43, 2007/9

Untitled #48, 2009/10

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