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Helsinki School (10 Photos)

Helsinki School (10 Photos)

© Wilma Hurskainen. Invisible (from the series No Name), 2011.

The Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich, Switzerland will mount an exhibition of various “Helsinki School” works beginning on July 7. The concept of the “Helsinki School” is not defined specifically by discipline, nationality or style, but rather an approach that has evolved out of a process of teaching at the Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki. Its members are conceptual artists who express their artistic vision through the use of the photography with film cameras or just light sensitive materials. The Helsinki School is influenced by Finnish lighting conditions, ranging from almost complete darkness to nearly endless days that result in a distinctive social culture. The show will include 21 works by 11 artists that emphasize a common thread through distinctly original and individual styles.

 © Jyrki Parantainen. Berlin Horizon, 2006.

 © Nanna Hänninen, Electric Power Plant of Kuopio, 2006.

 © Susanna Majuri. Joutsen (Swan), 2011.

 © Nelli Palomäki. Viola at 11, 2009, (left) and Elsa at 10, 2009, (right).

 © Niko Luoma. Spiral #1, 2010

 © Anni Leppälä. Red Floor, 2008.

© Jaana Maijala. Magnet (from the series The Weight of Experience), 2010.

 © Ola Kolehmainen. Milano Wall Painting V, 2010.

 © Sandra Kantanen. Untitled (Lake 5), 2010.

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