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Wind, Sky, Water (5 Photos)

Wind, Sky, Water (5 Photos)

 All Photos  © Carolyn Marks Blackwood; above: “Cloud Series #64”

Carolyn Marks Blackwood’s  images are on view at the Alan Klotz Gallery in New York  in a show called “The Wind Blows Through My Heart.” The poetic title seems appropriate for her deceptively simple photos. Blackwood photographs moments when elements — ice on the Hudson River, clouds in the late afternoon – are being transformed by wind, sun, or tides.  As the gallery’s notes for the show explain, her shards of ice look like forbidding landscapes, and her clouds are “the meteorological equivalents of brushstrokes.”

“Cloud Series #6”

“The Wind Blows Through My Heart” runs through June 25. More information on Blackwood’s work is available through Alan Klotz Gallery.


“Ice # 100”

“Cloud Series # 103”


“Ice #198”

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  1. Hello Brochure Template- Thank you- It was not one cloud- it was clouds that were striated across the sky at sunset- which caused a strange refraction of color- partially because of the mountains and the Hudson River- On my computer, the green shade is stronger than it is in the photo for some reason…….Glad you like the photo- CMB

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