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Kids Are People Too (9 Photos)

Kids Are People Too (9 Photos)

© Hiroshi Watanabe. Above: Marina Ema & Kazusa Ito, Matsuo Kabuki, 2003. 10×10 inch gelatin silver print.

Panopticon Gallery‘s newest exhibition, Kids Are People Too, celebrates children in photography as explored through the vision of sixteen photographers, from the well known to the emerging contemporary artist. Inspired by Jason Landry’s own memories of youth, the gallery owner and curator, says, “When I was a boy there was a TV show called, Kids Are People Too. It was like a talk show for kids: a Sunday morning variety show.  My fondest memory of that show was the time that they had my favorite rock band on, KISS. Isn’t it interesting that some childhood memories are quite vivid, while others are long forgotten?” The exhibition is on view from June 8, 2011 until July 12, 2011.

  © Jock Sturges. Misty Dawn, Northern California, 1992. gelatin silver print.

 © Ernest Withers. Twins at WDIA, 1948. Gelatin silver print.

 © Suzanne Revy. Stretched, 2008. Gelatin silver print.

 © Aline Smithson. Baily, 2010. Archival pigment print.

 © Harold Feinstein. Boy Writing Numbers in Chalk, 1955. Gelatin silver print.

 © Wynn Bullock. Child in Forest, 1951/2011. Archival pigment print.

 © Kirsty O’Keeffe. Narcissus, 2010. Archival pigment print.

 © Shelby Lee Adams. Tyler & Sheba, 2001. Gelatin silver print.


  1. This collection of images perfectly exemplifies the title of the show. It’s a subject that has always attracted me because kids, for the most part, are much closer to their emotions than adults. Only a handful of photographs, but look at the variety. I think each one shines with true beauty.

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