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Arlene Gottfried: “Nuyorican” Retrospective (5 Photos)

Arlene Gottfried: "Nuyorican" Retrospective (5 Photos)

 All photos ©  Arlene Gottfried/ powerHouse Books.

Arlene Gottfried, a native New Yorker, grew up side-by-side with the burgeoning Puerto Rican community, never straying far from its influence whether living in Brooklyn or the Lower East Side. In the heart of the barrio, Gottfried began shooting pictures inspired by her bohemian friends and using them as subjects—in apartments, on the streets, and in the park, in times of radiant joy and heart-breaking sorrow.

Bacalaitos and Fireworks (powerHouse Books Spring 2011 release) is Gottfried’s ode to Nuyorican life and style, from the 70s to the present, shot with an unfailingly lyrical eye and full of vibrant personalities: eccentric bad-boys, white-clad church-goers, an afro-sporting poet in a groovy leisure suit, a gambling grandpa with painted-on eyebrows and a cowboy mustache, and even your grandparents’ beloved, plastic-covered furniture.


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