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Springtime in Japan (5 photos)

Springtime in Japan (5 photos)

 All Photos © Risaku Suzuki/ Christophe Guye Galerie.

Bidding winter farewell and welcoming spring, Risaku Suzuki‘s (*1963, Japan) first European solo exhibition, Yuki – Sakura, at the Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich presents photographs from various series of works focusing on the enticing, emblematically Japanese subjects such as the cherry blossoms. Suzuki‘s show coincides with the Sakura Celebration, one of the most popular spring events in Japan. Like the annual festival, Suzuki’s images celebrate tradition, renewal, and the inevitable passage of time from one season to the next. To see more of Suzuki‘s work click here.

– courtesy of Christophe Guye Galerie.

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  1. Why exactly do these images warrant a PDN post or moreso a gallery exhibit? I have hundreds of images exactly like this of cherry blossoms. WTF? And mine are actually exposed and focused properly.

  2. The things we go through trying to get ‘a look’. The focus choice is interesting, works better in some shots than others, but an idea worth developing IMO. I think the second and the fifth of these shots are wonderful.

    As to the “mine are properly focused” comment, well there are a million more like yours. And to be fair, I probably would have done the same thing. Suzuki is taking some risks here by trying to do something new and is to be commended.

    Abstraction in photography, especially technique that doesn’t follow technical norms, can be a lonely road to travel. I spent a lot of energy last year trying to get some eyes on a photo-expressionist series of mine, A Season of Fog, to no avail whatsoever. Luckily for Risaku, Japan seems more open to such visual experimentation than the USA.

    Good work, Risaku. Please continue to follow your vision and develop this work. I think you’re onto somehthing!


  3. From my limited knowledge of Japanese, Yuki means snow, Sakura means Cherry blossom. I think the photographer is using focus to compare the blossom to snow, and maybe convey motion as @Chriss Pagani says

  4. Well, there are several of them and they were submitted to a relatively well-known outlet, so it’s pretty certain they weren’t accidents. They don’t have the look of film, so it’s probable that they weren’t the result of advancing a new roll without the lenscap on.

    So I guess that makes them art.

  5. I think they are beautiful. Sense of depth and intimacy is created. They certainly bring about an emotional response!

    Melo, you can’t have hundreds exactly like these if yours are exposed & focused “properly” as you put it.

  6. The shots are nice. They work really well as a set. Its all subjective – and to be honest, if you have issue with this being recognized as art or worth publishing then you should probably not be involved in photography. You can’t like everything out there. I guess what I am saying is get over it and don’t hold it against the artist. Congrads to Risaku.

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