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Night Life (3 Photos)

Night Life (3 Photos)

 All photos © Peter DiCampo.

The residents of communities in Ghana live half of their lives in the dark, without electricity, from the time the sun sets at 6pm and rises at 6 am. “Life Without Lights” began as a brief story idea for DiCAmpo while he was living & volunteering in rural Ghana. During that time DiCampo says, “I realized how deeply the lack of electricity affected the lives of my neighbors. It impeded their progress in the sectors of health, education, development, agriculture, gender equality and the list goes on.”  Eventually Dicampo’s work evolved into a larger multimedia piece in Ghana, and then a global, long-term project based on the idea of energy poverty. On May 3rd at the Broadway Gallery in Soho, there will be a discussion on energy poverty and a print auction to benefit an NGO that provides solar electricity to rural African villages.

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