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Will Steacy, 48 Hours

Will Steacy, 48 Hours

© Will Steacy

On view at the Michael Mazzeo Gallery is a collection of new and recent work all shot in 48 hours on 8×10 film by Will Steacy, one of the 2011 PDN’s 30. The exhibit, Will Steacy, 48 Hours examines the struggling middle class through a portrait of the economic challenges confronting two cities. Steacy says, “I spent 24 hours in Madison, Wisconsin, photographing the events unfolding in and around the capitol building before Governor Scott Walker signed his anti-union, anti-collective bargaining bill. I spent the following 24 hours in Gary, Indiana, home of the first US Steel plant, whose rise and fall has become the face of the deindustrialization of America. I photographed city institutions and local businesses that line Broadway, Gary’s main artery, looking at the grim realities that face this once vibrant city, and at what results when we abandon our workers and let the middle class fall.” There will be an opening reception tonight, April 28 at Michael Mazzeo Gallery and a talk by Will Steacy on Saturday, April 30 at 3pm.

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