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Tsunami Aftermath (8 Photos)

Tsunami Aftermath (8 Photos)

All Photos © Gianni Giosue.

Gianni Giosue spent over two weeks in the North East of Japan to document the consequences of the gigantic Tsunami which swept away hundreds of kilometers of coast line. Buildings were destroyed, roads stripped, lives were lost and precious memories from inside the houses, like photographs of loved ones, stolen for ever. Gianni Giosue is a European photographer based in Tokyo and covers social issues around the world. Recently he was awarded a ‘Coup de Coeur’ nomination at the 2010 “VISA Pour L’ Image” Photojournalism Festival for his work “One year in Russia”. To see more of Giosue’s work click here

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  1. The details are where this story is at now……visually. IN details, you see the lives
    of people, how they were lived, what was important to them, what they liked and treasured, and these are lovely photographs, lamenting the destruction and even the survival of aspects
    of life.

  2. Beautiful photographs that really capture the echoes of such a ferocious trauma that Japan now has to rebuild from.

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