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Time for Print

Time for Print

Sabine. Seattle, WA. 2008. © Emiliano Granado

Sabine. Seattle, WA. 2008. © Emiliano Granado

Emiliano Granado’s Time For Print is a series of portraits of aspiring models the photographer met through the online photography community Model Mayhem. “Time For Print” or “Test For Print” or “TFP,” as the communities refer to it, is the practice of unestablished models and photographers getting together for a shoot, each donating their time to further their portfolios. An exhibition of Granado’s series, which he calls “A study of beauty, sexuality and the compulsion to be seen in the Internet age,” opens tomorrow at EYELEVEL BQE in Brooklyn, NY. For more, visit Granado’s Web site for the project: http://www.projecttfp.com/

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