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Teenage Dreams

Teenage Dreams

© Naomi Leshem. Courtesy Andrea Meislin Gallery

This work is from Naomi Leshem’s Sleepers series, which comprises 32 images taken over a period of four years in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, France, and the United States. Leshem photographs teenagers between the ages of 15 and 20 at their homes as they sleep. After waiting about an hour and half, the sleepers enter a period of tossing and turning that Leshem calls the “dance in the night.” During this time, she captures their portraits as they drift between conscious and subconscious. The Sleepers series represents “pure portraiture” because the subject is completely unengaged in the making of their portrait. Leshem’s work will be on display with the Andrea Meislin Gallery at the AIPAD Photography Show New York, March 17-20, Park Avenue Armory.

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  1. Sure, but when I take photos like that it’s a “felony.” Whatever.

    (Kidding. This is a really cool portrait.)

  2. “pure portraiture”? Says the photographer, who can say whatever she wants. I like the idea and the execution, but it is no more”pure” than a Sears portrait.

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