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The Insiders (9 Photos)

The Insiders (9 Photos)

All Photos © Amy Touchette

The Insiders is Brooklyn-based photographer Amy Touchette’s latest body of work. “The photographs are portraits of strangers I made while walking around the city and are an observation of the vulnerability and freedom that exists among today’s New Yorkers,” Touchette says. Her photography has been published and exhibited throughout The Netherlands, China, Australia, New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, and her series Deborah was recently published in LoudMouth Press’ latest title Why Are You Surprised I’m Still Here?. She is represented by June Bateman Fine Art. To see more of Amy’s work click here.

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  1. Great theme idea and a nice body of work, I think some images are stronger than others, I really like the first one. It takes something to approach strangers and then to photograph them, you have done a wonderful job

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