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Warriors in Waiting

Warriors in Waiting

 © Pari Dukovic.

This photograph was taken during the Kirkpinar oil wrestling festival in Edirne, Turkey. Kirkpinar is the oldest sporting competition in the world and a fascinating subculture. It is a tradition with a 650 year past. Wrestlers train for this festival for a whole year and their dream is to finally attain the Gold Belt. To the participants it is not just a sport but a way of life: discipline and dedication. In this image, the wrestlers are waiting in the cage area watching the matches taking place on the grass. I have been working on this project, all shot on film, since June 2010. People and their passions are at the essence of my work. By using my camera as a way of capturing their energy and freedom I, in turn, am able to capture my own. – Pari Dukovic.  To see more of Dukovic’s work visit the gallery featuring the 2011 PDN’s 30 Emerging Photographers.

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