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5683 Miles Away (8 Photos)

5683 Miles Away (8 Photos)

All Photos © Yael Ben-Zion

Raised in Israel, Yael Ben-Zion came to the United States to study law and then discovered the power behind photographs to raise questions and curiosity. Inspired by her teacher David Hilliard at Yale, Ben-Zion decided to train her lens on the place she left behind. “In 5683 Miles Away, her recently published collection of photographs—the title is the distance from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv—Ben-Zion depicts ordinary moments in family and friends’ lives in ways that convey affection but also ambivalence toward her subjects,” says Sara Ivry.

Named one of the best books of 2010 by Photo-Eye Magazine, 5683 Miles Away was a selected title for the 2011 German Photo Book Award. The photos from the book will be on display in an exhibition opening tonight at 92Y’s Weill Art Gallery in Manhattan, through May 5, 2011. Ben-Zion spoke to Vox Tablet about her project. To listen click here.

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