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Decisive Moments of Chaos (5 photos)

Decisive Moments of Chaos (5 photos)

 All photos © Ken Shung.

New York based photographer Ken Shung says he set out to make images that embody the idea of the “Pretty Picture.” He captures disjunction, viewing social spaces in search of a magical decisive moment that shows something ominous, paradoxical, or timeless. “In this collection of images, I ask the question of when is a photograph just a pretty picture?” he says. The work is on exhibit at the New York Public Library at  331 E. 10th street New York City until tomorrow. To see more of Shung’s work click here.

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  1. The swinging chair one (chairoplane?) is my favourite, simply because of the arch of the feet of the one person not wearing shoes.

  2. I was lucky enough to see Ken’s exhibition at the Thompkins Square Library, in the East Village, recently. His work is just beautiful and the sizes of the images really made them come alive – the bubbles and the rainy streets (ooh, and the horses and and…..!) are my favourites. Well done, Ken!

  3. I love the last one the best. The reflections on the square of the people, bicycles & people are fantastic! What an eye! But then I love them all! Ken Shung is quite a talent!

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