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Spectacular Yosemite (8 photos)

Spectacular Yosemite (8 photos)

All photos ©  Quang-Tuan Luong

Quang-Tuan Luong’s new book,  Spectacular Yosemite, is a journey through one of the country’s most scenic national parks.  The San Jose, CA based photographer has explored Yosemite with his large format camera over the course of the last five years, capturing the park’s geology, ecology, and natural splendor.  His book was recently published by Universe a division of Rizzoli. To see more of Luong’s work click here.


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  1. For something as iconic and well-photographed as Yosemite NP, you need to have shots that will blow people away for them to be “Spectacular.” It is hard to tell, but don’t know if I am seeing that in this sample of images. I have been to the park in person twice and have looked at countless works on the subject and don’t see anything compellingly new or different in these compositions.

    I will give this work the benefit of the doubt as I would imagine that fine art gallery prints will do this material more justice than a laptop screen.

  2. Have to respect the honesty of Alessandro. Although, having never been to Yosemite myself, these pictures offer another reminder that I need to make the trip. Thanks for the shots

  3. I look for images that a person sees but doesn’t notice. Photos that “freeze” the mind in place vs a beautiful image. Sorry, but I don’t see that here. Beautiful images, for sure. It doesn’t look like the photographer brought anything to the table.

  4. You know what? He shoulda shot these in black and white. He’s using a large format camera – I get that and I see how everything from here to there in in focus perfectly, but I’m not moved emotionally. They’re perfect but I want to feel something. Thank you.

  5. Yosemite NP is a good place to make a challenge as a photographer to make a compelling photograph that has not been shot before. I agree with Kat and Alessandro’s comments that I don’t see much compelling in these images. It’s almost there if you were to crop image 4 vertically and eliminate the left side….the potential is there and it would be nice to see something like that in 4×5. Just food for thought.

  6. Q:

    Some people are being tough on you. I feel jealousy in their comments.
    Each and every one of your photographs is truly amazing. I’m looking forward
    to your book which I just ordered. Continue your spectacular work with the
    passion your work shows. Your dedication will pay off.

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