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Pieter Ten Hoopen’s Daily Life (8 Photos)

Pieter Ten Hoopen's Daily Life (8 Photos)

 All Photos © Pieter Ten Hoopen. Above: Earthquake in Pakistan, Balakot.

Pieter Ten Hoopen left for Sweden in 1999 and studied photojournalism at the Nordens Fotoskola. He then worked as a photojournalist for four years and became represented by the Moment agency (Sweden). He has been published in major Swedish newspapers and international magazines and has also taught photojournalism at various Scandinavian schools. He received the “Memorial Mario Giacomelli” Prize in 2008 and also received the First Prize for a story in the daily life category of the World Press Photo. In 2009, he won the Award of Excellence in the portrait series category of the POY. In 2010, he won two World Press Photo Awards in the portraits and daily life categories for his series on Hungry Horse, Montana.  Featured here is a gallery of images from a variety of Pieter’s projects. To see more of his work click here. Read more about Ten Hoopen’s process on digging into stories deeply, here.

Afghansitan, behind the scenes of Marja.

 Stockholm, from the Stockholm book.

 Isra 42 years old, fled alone to Syria in 2006. Her two daughters got married in Iraq but were sold by their husbands to work in prostitution in Syria. Her husband was murdered by Militia before her eyes, she herself was badly injured in this attack and they knocked out most of her teeth. She meets most of her customers through her Madame and partly in the street. She has been heavily abused by various clients and had once life-threatening injuries after a client beat her.

 Kitezh, Russia.

 Fergana, Uzbekistan. After the massacre.

 The city of Quibdo is situated in the Wetern part of Colombia. The province Choco is one of the major drug routes because it’s close to Panama border. About 30,000 people were killed and 3000 kidnapped in the countryside in one year. Today Colombia has over 3 million internal refugees. People flee their homes in the countryside because of the violence. Quibdo is one of those cities many flee to.

 Hungry Horse/Montana. Brothers Jenssen on bird hunting just outside the Glacier National Park in Hungry Horse.

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