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Shores of North America (10 Photos)

Shores of North America (10 Photos)

 All Photos © Scott Conarroe. Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur CA, 2010

On March 3 an exhibition of Scott Conarroe‘s “Shore” project, a series of landscape images exploring the coasts of North America, will open at Toronto’s Stephen Bulger Gallery and run through April 2. Notes Stephen Bulger Gallery, “Canada has the most expansive coastline on Earth; its boundary with the United States is the world’s longest non-militarized boarder. Together these two nations form a vast geo-cultural bloc that extends from polar extremes to the tropics, from sparse hinterlands to modern metropolises. [Conarroe’s work] presents a study of North America on the cusp of a new climatic era. Cataclysmic weather and global social upheaval are anticipated, but for the time being they are seen as problems for others elsewhere. Conarroe’s photographs present the fading innocence of this idyll and a visual reference of the current state of the continent’s shorelines.” Conarroe has also traveled extensively in North America documenting the continent’s railway infrastructure. That series, “By Rail,” can be seen on his Web site, here.

Fog, Port Aux Basques NL, 2009

Lake Pontchartrain, Metairie LA, 2010

Shacks Island, Pipers Lagoon, BC, 2010

The Mona Lisa, Squamish BC, 2010

Cruise Ship, Portland ME, 2009

Pedestrian Walkway, Santa Monica CA, 2010

 Loop, Biloxi MS, 2010

Econoline, Ketchikan AK, 2010

Pedicabs, Atlantic City NJ, 2009

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