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Richard Misrach: Graecism (7 photos)

Richard Misrach: Graecism (7 photos)

 All Photos © Richard Misrach. Courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, SF/ Marc Selwyn Fine Arts, LA/ Pace MacGill Gallery, NY.

Richard Misrach: Graecism, a collection of six vintage dye transfer prints taken between 1979-1981, is currently on view at the Yancey Richardson Gallery. Shot during his travels in Greece and Italy as a Guggenheim Fellow, the works mark the end of Misrach’s nighttime studies and the beginning of his color photography. He shot the images of ancient architectural sites, including the Parthenon and the Roman Forum, at dusk and at night with strobe lighting and long exposures. “Misrach’s long exposures emphasize the passage of time in the terms of the celestial” Yancey Richardson Gallery says. “His wandering, exploratory eye lends to the feeling of communing with the spirits of a long lost civilization.” To see more of Misrach’s work click here.

Apollo’s Chest Delos, 1981.

Roman Forum, 1978.

Athena, Nike (column), 1979.

Sounion (column), 1979.

Athena, Nike, 1979.

Sounion (with-stars), Greece, 1979.

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