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Portrait of An Endangered Species

Portrait of An Endangered Species

© Kenji Aoki

This past summer, Kenji Aoki photographed a live 5ft bluefin tuna for a NYTimes cover story. The fish was kept still using acupuncture and was fed through a tube in the back of its mouth.

Aoki recently moved from Tokyo to New York in early November 2010. He has been represented by Michael Ash Partners for the last 4 years. Coming from a design background, his work has the simplicity, beauty and elegance that sets him apart from his contemporaries. He does not rely on retouching and his work requires minimal post; the image “mother earth” has none. To see more of Aoki’s work click here.

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  1. thank you amber for requesting for kenji’s work

    this one of the most stunning still life images I’ve ever seen……
    when kenji sent this image through from tokyo and told me the story , it blew me away!
    every image he creates is magic……….


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