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New Roots for Refugees

New Roots for Refugees

 © Sara Forrest. Above: Portrait of a Sudanese refugee family in Kansas City, KS.

This image is part of a series on the refugee farmers and their families living and working under the “New Roots for Refugees” program in downtown Kansas City, Kansas.  The program was designed to help mostly female refugees from all over the world put down, literally, “new roots” in Kansas City. As a refugee coming to a new country, they often do not know the language yet, but have the skills to farm and thus have a way to become integrated into their new community and the local economy, one crop at a time.

New York City based photographer Sara Forrest shoots lifestyle, fitness and documentary photography.  She recently returned from Ethiopia, where she spent three weeks covering stories about women suffering from obstetric fistula. To see more of her work click here.

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