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Hollywood at Home (8 photos)

Hollywood at Home (8 photos)

All photos © Aline Smithson. Above: Moses and the Star.

Growing up a stone’s throw from Hollywood and Vine, Aline Smithson has always been intrigued by the real and the manufactured Hollywood. The ongoing series, Hollywood at Home, elevates family and friends into a false stardom. To see more of Smithson’s work, click here.

 Charlotte by firelight.

 Rose in Red.


 Henry with a cig.

 So Fascinating.

 Inquiring Minds.

 Gray in grey.

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  1. I gasped when Aline showed me this series. I love how they capture the glamour of old Hollywood, yet are modern at the same time. The lighting, styling, poses, color palette, choice of models, and Aline’s signature touch of humor are all brilliant. I am so happy PDN chose to feature it.

  2. As always, Aline’s work never leaves me wanting anything but MORE! Thanks for featuring her Hollywood at Home series. It’s brilliant!

  3. What a magical series, so evocative of times past while celebrating the wonder of the here-and-now. I’ve seen — and loved — many of Aline Smithson’s essays but had never seen this one until now. Such a perfect reflection of this transition from one year into the next!

  4. Aline is truly amazing. Her photos are always evocative and interesting, you always want to see more and more of what she’s doing. Her web site is a treasure trove. And somehow she manages to find the time every day to promote and support the work of others. Where she finds the time, I’ll never know.

  5. This series is beautifully conceived and each image is a delight. The variety is also splendid. Moses & the Star gave me a jolt of delight that made me return to the top of this exhibit several times to revel in the fun. Wonderful!

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