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Stones of the Sea

Stones of the Sea

© Sabine Delcour. From the series, Istsas Lurrak.

French photographer Sabine Delcour has been working on the concept of territory for the past fifteen years, creating photographs that are both documentary and artistic in approach. An internationally exhibited artist, Delcour’s past work has involved installations that mix images with speech, to include the memory of the people who inhabit the regions she explores.

Delcour’s photographs from the series Itsas Lurrak concentrate on areas where nature is not shaped by man. The Earth’s history attracts her attention because it allows her to simultaneously question our own history and our own construction. To quote the French writer and curator Andre Rouille, “Sabine Delcour’s territory is a geographic space as much as a possible dream of intimate perception and fiction.”

To see more of Delcour’s work click here.

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1 Comment

  1. A beautiful example of how violent and serene nature can be. The image puts me on the edge of the blade while I marvel at the delicacy of the damascus steel beneath my musings. Excellent.

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