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Graphic Designs (4 Photos)

Graphic Designs (4 Photos)

All Photos © Nathan Harger/Hasted Kraeutler. Untitled (Factory Wall 13), Elizabeth, NJ, 2009.

Photographer Nathan Harger’s  stark images of architectural and urban infrastructure are on view at Hasted Kraeutler in New York until January 29, 2011. He says these days, taking photos of subjects like these can be tricky.  “In the past eight months I’ve been stopped by 8 security guards, 5 law officers and detained once by Homeland Security,” Harger says.

He’s learned to be prepared. “The best thing you can do is carry around some form of identification and any publication you were in. If you don’t have that, bring a portfolio with examples of your work. Also have your own business cards and the business cards of the gallery that represents you, photo agent or your employer so they can call to verify who you are.”

 Untitled (Aluminum Siding), Staten Island, NY, 2010.

 Untitled (Refining Station), Cleveland, OH, 2010.

 Untitled (Vertical Swing), Brooklyn, NY, 2010.

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  1. Just unbelievable that this guy has to prove he is a photographer. The reality is ANYONE (even a non photographer) can take a picture, make a movie, make a sketch, or paint on an iPhone from a public location (park, street, sidewalk, public buildings, etc.) for any legal reason they like (which is just about any reason)! THAT is the law, not stoping people for openly taking legal pictures.
    Someone needs to start a program to educated police, security, and HS about our rights as U.S. citizens.

  2. Great graphic work!

    I shoot tanks and shipping containers in many of the same areas and can attest to the security “presence”. I’ve been stopped numerous times as well, and let me tell you–it is fun trying to explain your interest in industrial infrastructure as art to many of these folks, especially if you’re working on a personal project with no client or gallery representation!!!

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