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Halfpipe Diggers

Halfpipe Diggers

© Jake Stangel. Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Every summer, thousands of kids fly in from all over the world to ride their snowboard at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, which operates on a glacier at the top of Mount Hood, Oregon. It’s one of a small handful of glaciers that are ridable year-round. High Cascade builds and manages a huge snowboard park- a combination of jumps, rails, and halfpipes- that hundreds of campers and pro riders riders run through every day. Since the slushy snow is constantly melting and getting pushed around by riders, the camp employs a team of “diggers” to reshape the park features all day long. I took this shot of the High Cascade’s digger crew shaping the camp’s halfpipe in high noon heat, while the campers were off eating lunch. – Jake Stangel

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