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Bill Diodato: Care of Ward 81 (6 photos)

Bill Diodato: Care of Ward 81 (6 photos)

 All photos © Bill Diodato

Diodato’s recently released monograph “Care of Ward 81” documents a side of institutional life many of us have never seen before. Ward 81 was a women’s ward set up within Oregon State  Hospital for women to receive care and isolation. Diodato, a New York City photographer went to Oregon to capture capitalism’s affect on institutional services. Knowing that he would be the last person to document the women’s ward, Bill felt a sense of responsibility to remember the women who inhabited this place. This is the same hospital where the famed film “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” was shot by Milos Foreman in 1975.  Famed documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark wrote the introduction to this project. She says “Bill’s images confirm the feeling that I always had—that Ward 81 was and still is inhabited by many ghosts.”

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