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Snowboarder v. Avalanche

Snowboarder v. Avalanche

 © Jussi Grznar. Above: Pemberton backcountry in British Columbia, Canada.

Jussi Grznar captured this moment in the middle of Pemberton backcountry after a 40-mile snowmobile ride with Andrew Burns and the rest of the crew. This was Andrew’s first descent on this glacier. As he jumped off the 50ft drop the avalanche caught up with him. Even though completely blinded with snow Andrew rode away safely at the bottom. To see more of Grznar’s work click here.

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  1. This is a great photo. I wouldn’t class this as an avalanche though. Not a mass of snow here, just a bit of spindrift flowing over the drop-off. Still a nice photograph.

  2. The title of your photograph is inaccurate… Non-skiing audience or not. It suggests that the snowboarder is in imminent danger of an avalanche when actually he’s more in danger from the drop he’s in the process of making, apparently a blind one too… How about “Flying Blind”…

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