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Hidden (7 photos)

Hidden (7 photos)

All photos © Michael Tummings. Above: Hermannstadt VI

“This moment is full of tension, loaded with possibility and suspended silence”.

Michael Tummings says,” The hunter waits in silence, stilling his movement and reducing his breath to a minimum. Waiting and watching, he attempts to become invisible, to disappear into the natural background. Here, the external and internal noises, the distractions of modernity, are cancelled out in a single moment– a spasm of time that is irreversible. These photographs reference the classic European tradition of paintings depicting the hunt, in addition to 20th century photographic portraiture. The rituals and divisions of class are inherent to the images in Hidden, as are both the modernization and preservation of tradition. Employing 5 x 4 analogue photography, the series uses a detached camera eye to observe the social dynamics of the group, its rituals, and the ways in which they are infused with meaning.”

Michael Tummings is a Munich, Germany based artist, whose work is featured in the new issue of Fraction Magazine. To see more of Tummings work click here. To view the new issue of Fraction magazine click here.

Hermannstadt V

Norfolk boy III

Norfolk boy I

Bavaria I

Hermannstadt IV

Bavaria IV

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