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Nature Within (3 photos)

Nature Within (3 photos)

© Becky Holladay. Above: Buffalo Ranch, Oklahoma, 2007

Nature Within
showcases the recent works of eighteen photographers, all of whom are graduates of the International Center of Photography’s full time programs. The photographers are from diverse backgrounds and originate from 8 different countries. Their photographic genre ranges from documentary and photojournalism to conceptual. In a world and society faced with monumental environmental issues and crises, the concern for nature grows by the day. This concern and cognizance of the gravity of the problem are at odds with society’s needs to keep up with our increasing population and big businesses’ desire to increase the bottom line. Nature Within is an exhibit that attempts to rethink our relationship and existence within nature. The exhibit is up until October 28, 2010 at the CPW gallery.

 © Tom White. Above:  Fishing Vessels, Wonsando, South Korea, 2008.

© Alessandro Vecchi. Above: Horse near Priluzje, Kosovo, 2008.

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