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Wrong (7 photos)

Wrong (7 photos)

All photos © Asger Carlsen

Asger Carlsen’s Wrong project feels both very personal and universal. It seduces us by allowing ourselves to experience his own feelings. The work is in fact an expression of his own “feeling of not belonging anywhere”. At the same time we also feel repelled by the appeal of work. This is strictly concerned with the fact that the work is about “imperfection”. Asger uses the same tools that the creative industry adopted to create a perfectly designed image. But the scope here is the opposite of perfection. Perfection is an abstract concept that has nothing to do with the reality of being human. Here we have a photographer that produces human images. – Frankie Nazardo

Morel books in London recently published Wrong: Asger Carlsen. To see more of Carlsen’s work click here.

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