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Badaxe Film Still

Badaxe Film Still

 © Finn O’Hara

Pictured above is a film still from CHOP, a series of short films celebrating the collision between a Best Made Company axe and wood. It was shot with a Phantom HD Gold, and a series of ARRI Master prime lenses, at 1000 fps. Directed and shot by Finn O’Hara, a portrait and landscape photographer, who is based in Toronto, Canada, and London, England, the video emphasizes the impact of the blade through slow motion and dramatic audio.

Filmed at Sugino Studios, April 20th, 2010. Finished by Colr At Topix , Toronto, Canada. Edited by Bijou Editorial, Toronto, Canada. The music is by Nico Muhly. The series is being released next month at www.bestmadeco.com.

See more of Finn O’Hara’s work here.

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