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By The Grace Of God

By The Grace Of God

By The Grace Of God
© Susan Worsham

Destiny, Grandmother’s Roses, Va., pictured here, is from Susan Worsham’s series “By The Grace Of God”.  She says, “Growing up in Virginia, my childhood field trips were to cigarette factories and civil war battlegrounds, with a brown bag lunch in tow. This series takes me beyond the backyards and trails of my youth. It deals with the hospitality of strangers, and hits on a feeling that I have sometimes when taking portraits. The feeling that I was supposed to meet a particular person, or turn down a certain road.”

In 2010, Worsham was a Light Work Artist In Residence, the recipient of the first TMC/ Kodak Film Grant, and runner up in the Julia Margaret Cameron Award. To see more of Worsham’s work click here.

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