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Through the Eyes of the Vikings (8 photos)

Through the Eyes of the Vikings (8 photos)

 All Photos © Robert B. Haas. Bergs and boulders form islands of ice and rock in the basin of the Red Glacier, Alaska.

Since 2002, Robert B. Haas has focused exclusively on aerial photography in a quest to capture the grandeur of all Earth’s large landmasses from the air. “Through the Eyes of the Vikings,” released today, is the third book in his collection. Hass, who previously transformed vistas of African and Latin American landscapes and cityscapes, has focused his lens on the regions that transect the Arctic Circle—Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland—which he photographed over a three-year period. This book tells a story about an endangered, raw region whose astonishing beauty is worth preserving for its own sake, and whose precarious fate will impact the entire planet.

 Industrial by-products form a swirling palette at a waste-treatment facility on Langøya Island south of Oslo in Norway.

 Dark clouds encroach upon the sweeping ice and snow in western Iceland.

A moose and its calf provide intersecting tracks along nearly pristine snow cover south of Inuvik in the Mackenzie River Delta, Canada.

 Bay of Bothnia, Sweden. Recycling pools beside a lumber facility near the port city of Karlsborg pock the landscape like shots through tempered glass.

 Snowmobile tracks crisscross the surface of a melting pond in Kiruna, Sweden.

 A clam digger pokes away in search of supper along Cook Inlet in Clam Gulch, Alaska.

 In Alaska, sunlight sparkles along the Neacola River’s banks and its tidal flats.

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