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Simon Roberts: The Election Project

Simon Roberts: The Election Project

Polling station, Goodman Park, Slough, 6th May 2010, Slough constituency © Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts was the first photographer commissioned as the official election artist for the 2010 General Election in the United Kingdom.

“I wanted to move away from the media’s traditional approach of concentrating almost exclusively on the three main party leaders. I was more interested in exploring the experiences of the smaller political parties and independent candidates standing in marginal constituencies around the country. Moreover, I intended my photographs to be a captivating investigation of the British landscape, as well as the political campaign that was unfolding in it.” —Simon Roberts

The series of 25 images from The Election Project will be on view from September 15 at Parliament’s Portcullis House in London.

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  1. Which party controls Congress? which the White House? The answer reveals the actual “balance of power” between each branches of government that contain elected officials. Contrary in order to popular belief, most of that time period in modern political history Congress as well as the President have been in odds; that is, the identical political party has not typically controlled the whitened House, the Senate, as well as the House of Representatives. Only 10 times considering 1945 have both branches of Congress and also the Presidency been controlled from the same party.

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