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Presidential Lightning

Presidential Lightning


© Jessica Frey

Lightning strikes as Jessica Frey captures this unique perspective of Mt. Rushmore. Frey’s image was included as part of The Great Outdoors 2010 online gallery.

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  1. Wow! I’m so honored, thank you for chosing my favorite image as your photo of the day! There truly was no photoshoping done for this image and no tripod was used…just personal bracing, good timing, and a ton of luck! Thank you again!
    -Jessica Frey
    Jessica Frey Photography

  2. Wow! Jessica shoots a wonderful image with fantastic timing and Chris Reynolds thinks it may have been photoshopped.

    What has happened to us? Someone does something in camera and the assumption was that because it was done right, it had to be a collage.

  3. Lovely photograph. I take nature photography myself and I understand what a rush it must have been to have captured this image! Great shot Jessica, and filter criticism. There is always someone with a critique that must be added. Be proud!

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