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Pieter Hugo: The Hyena & Other Men

Pieter Hugo: The Hyena & Other Men

© Pieter Hugo. Courtesy Michael Stevenson, Cape Town & Yossi Milo, New York

Pictured here is Abdullahi Mohammed with Gumu, Ogere – Remo, Nigeria, 2007. This first exhibition of Pieter Hugo’s work in Belgium brings together his most important internationally well known series. A product of the young post-Aparthied generation, Pieter Hugo captures his country and the African continent with novelty and commitment. His unusual subjects are filled with questioning: be it South-African albinos, Botswana judges in white wigs, Ghanaese wild honey collectors, Liberian boy scouts, trainers of wild animals, or actors from Nollywood (Nigerian popular cinema) – each tells a challenging story. The exhibition, Pieter Hugo “On Reality and Other Stories”, opens at Forest, centre culturel – at the BRASS in Brussels until November 26, 2010.

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