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Brent Humphreys: Le Tour (11 photos)

Brent Humphreys: Le Tour  (11 photos)

All photographs © Brent Humphreys

Texas photographer and bicycle enthusiast Brent Humphreys’ Le Tour is an ambient photo study of the Tour de France. The most prestigious road bicycle race in the world, the Tour de France covers an average of 3500k and a vertical climb of the Alps and Pyrenees equivalent to three Mt. Everests. Riders will consume and burn as much as 10,000 calories per day. Le Tour shows both the grueling competition and vibrant, multinational culture of the race. In the hours before the race’s pass, a carnival atmosphere prevails as spectators nap, picnic, and socialize, waiting to catch a fleeting glimpse of the colorful circus on wheels. Mr. Humphrey’s is an award-winning Austin based photographer, whose career began as a teenager with a BMX racing bicycle and his mother’s 35mm camera. Since then, he has attended the Tour de France every summer since 2004. His editorial work can be seen regularly in the pages of The New York Times, Texas Monthly, and Wired magazines.

Humphreys’ photo exhibition, Le Tour, is currently on view at the Clark | Oshin gallery.

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  1. These are wonderfully unique shots of the Big Race! It was great to have some the same big names ride through California in our Tour a couple months back (along with some equally crazy spectators). See our blog for details.

  2. These are great examples making pictures instead of just taking pictures; lots of observational nuances. I want to keep looking at them!

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