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A Mirrored Memory (8 Photos)

Texas based photographer, Tom Hussey reflects on his recent  collaboration  with the pharmaceutical company, Novartis for their “Reflections” campaign.

“Based on an earlier portfolio image, I was awarded a job for an Alzheimer’s drug called the Exelon Patch made by Novartis. The Exelon Patch helps patients maintain long-term memories during the early stages of this horrific disease. I was fortunate to be included in a lot of the early concept stages for the campaign. I knew immediately location scouting and casting were going to be very important to evoke the emotions associated with the disease. The campaign has been extremely successful for the promotion of the brand and people universally respond to the images. After we shot the campaign, the images went into testing and legal review. They were so well received that the images, all 10 of them, were printed full page in the brochures and other collateral.” -Tom Hussey

Tom Hussey’s compelling photography has recently been featured in Communication Arts 2010 Photography Annual. To view more of his work click here.

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  1. This is a wonderful collection. If you are old enough you really understand. It is always a revelation to not see that younger person looking back from the mirror. These are very well done. I would love to see these in person in a gallery some day.

  2. Very well composed and beautifully processed photos. I was doing a series of selfportraits in mirror (see website) some years ago and I am still loving this concept. However as my pictures were mainly made for joy and fun, these are really touching.

  3. Wtf… that’s the first time I cry just lookin’ to some still pictures. (that says enough about the amazing job this photographer and the image edition has done to this photos)

  4. The fire fighter hit close to home, i work in a fire hall and that picture rings true for me. Right down to the plaque on the wall and the photo on the table. We have a retiree, my first captain, going through this very thing.

  5. I have stumbledupon this page three times….. I love it so much!!! It is refreshing everytime i go back to it

  6. I found the images somewhat disturbing, I know we all will get there unless we pass away from an accident, but I do not get comfort them, I guess it depends on your age and other factors the effect these will have. I am moved by the attempt to prolong the memory of alzheimer patients having lost my mother to the disease.

  7. Who We Really See Ourselves As
    That’s the Title of These Works of Photography
    Alzheimer’s is a Reverse But True Process,
    If You Think of It.
    We See Ourselves As Who We Strived To Be In Our Life
    Who We Are To Others
    Who We Are To The World
    And Our Contribution To Society
    You All Need To Stop Being So Negative And Sinical About Aging
    You Soon Will Be There====OLD And Never To Return
    God Bless To All
    God Bless To All Alzheimer Diagnosed Individuals
    God, Thank You For Being God
    Knowing, Our Past, Present, And Future Destiny

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