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Denali: Tranquility at 14,000 ft

 Denali: Tranquility at 14,000 ft

 © Stefen Chow

This was taken at 14,000 ft on Denali. A few weeks ago Stefen Chow made it up to the summit with 127 pounds of gear, 40 of which was pure camera gear. It is really a tight rope between juggling the safety and success of the climb vs making compelling images on the mountain. This image was made when the weather on Denali was turning for the worse, which has a notorious record of severe snow storms and conditions colder than Everest. Chow, an editorial and commercial photographer, is based between Beijing and Singapore. His work has appeared in Geo, Time, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Shell, Cartier and Keppel Shipyard. Chow is also a mountaineer with extensive experience climbing in the Himalayas including summitting Mount Everest back in 2005.

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  1. What a stunning, beautiful photo. I first thought it was sand dunes until I read the description. That’s the kind of shot that one would think “if I never take another photo again in my life, I’m satisfied with what I’ve done…”

  2. According to PDN Newswire Denali is in the Himalayas, but last time I checked it was in Alaska. Clarification please. Great shot, wherever it is!

  3. That is gorgeous. Definitely has an other world feel about it. One of the best minimal photographs I’ve seen in a while

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