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Painted Identity (10 Photos)

Painted Identity (10 Photos)

All Photos © Kimiko Yoshida/ Courtesy of Paco Rabanne.  Painting (Maria Magdaleina by Titian). Self-Portrait, 2010

By diverting objects of everyday life and fashion accessories, fragments belonging to the haute couture, or to the history of art, Kimiko’s “Paintings” series transform the works of  Tiepolo, Watteau, Fragonard, Boucher, Rubens, Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, and Delacroix. Kimiko Yoshida recreates hairstyles or archaic masks she finds in museums and stages behind them her own disappearance. To see more of her work click here.

Painting (Minerva, The Goddess of War, By Tintoretto). Self-Portrait, 2010.

Painting (Erasmus By Hans Holbein). Self-Portrait, 2010.

Painting (Samourai Katsumoto). Self-Portrait, 2010.

Painting (Dona Isabel De Porcel By Goya). Self-Portrait, 2010.

 Painting (Goddess Flora By Tiepolo).Self-Portrait, 2010.

Painting (Duchess Isabella of Portugal by Rogier Van Der Weyden). Self-Portrait, 2010.

Painting (Soliman The Magnificent by Titian). Self-Portrait, 2010.

Painting (Self-Portrait in a Fur Collar by Durer). Self-portrait, 2010.

Painting (Ophelia By Delacroix) Self-Portrait, 2010.

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