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World Cup Stadium Spectacular (6 photos)

World Cup Stadium Spectacular (6 photos)

All photos © Roy Zipstein

Roy Zipstein traveled to Durban, South Africa to photograph the newly constructed Moses Mabhida Stadium for an architectural feature in SPREAD|Artculture magazine. Of the five stadiums built for the FIFA World Cup 2010, the Moses Mabhida Stadium has the largest capacity at 70,000 seats. The only larger World Cup stadium is the renovated Soccer City in Johannesburg.

The Moses Mabhida Stadium’s key feature is the expansive 350 meter arch that rises 106 meter above the pitch at the highest point.  The arch is said to represent a divided nation becoming united, its design inspired by the South African flag. Construction began in 2007 and was completed November, 2009, lead by the consulting German architectural firm von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp). The Ibhola Lethu Consortium (ILC) was responsible for the design and project management of the stadium. Schlaic, Bergermann und Partner (sbp) served as conceptual structural engineers. 32 South African architectural firms were also enlisted.

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  1. I don’t watch tv, so I haven’t seen this stadium before. These photographs are incredible, with so such dynamic perspectives. The combination of architecture and theses images creates a visual that makes me feel like I’m looking at a living creature as opposed to an building. Lovely!

  2. The tones in the black and white are perfect. I like the blue sky in the last one. I suppose there’s no perfect time of day on a sunny day but this would be close, leaving the blown out part up in the far balcony. Very nice angle too. I probably would have shot it straight on but this looks better. Did you notice the roof looks like an American football? :)

  3. Congratulations to everyone concerned – the designers – the builders – and to those who run it and fill it with enthusiastic sportspeople – surely South Africa will win the right to host the Olympics now that they have shown what they can do.

  4. A lot of people here in England sing the praises of the majestic arch that suspends the roof at Wembley Stadium, but I think this looks more impressive. Great shots for a great venue for a great occasion. Well done photographer and S. Africa.

  5. I am a proud South African who have had the opportunity to visit some of the stadiums. Its truly a great time to be an African. Wish everyone could feel the vibe and energy that is currently surrounding us! We’re loud, passionate and intense! Viva Bafana Bafana!

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