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Dirk Anschütz: A Diabolical Novella (10 photos)

Dirk Anschütz: A Diabolical Novella (10 photos)

All Photos © Dirk Anschütz

Photographer Dirk Anschütz shot his film noir inspired photo novella, “Louise Cypher’s Suitcase” along the Brooklyn and Manhattan waterfronts. This story was printed as a self-published magazine that is being sent out to potential clients. Read all about the Louise Cypher production on his new blog. You can also see more of Dirk’s work on his website.

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  1. Wow… excellent. Love the creative approach and dramatic photography… Putting the picture vs words philosophy to work, we’ve got 10,000 words or about a 40 page story… hope to see more!

  2. I LOVE the concept and wish I had though of it first, locations are great, as are the characters, I love the smoke in the first and last photo, the bike messenger pose is amazing.

    But to take it to the next level, it really needs a couple things done better. Better props; maybe a gold Haliburton case, maybe a rusty chain instead of a new one, a used 2×4 instead of a new baseball bat. Better lighting, too many shadows, it just looks fake. And lastly everyones clothes are just too clean.

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