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Submarinescapes (7 photos)

Submarinescapes (7 photos)

 All photos © Karen Glaser

Karen Glaser, an experienced diver and photographer, takes us on a visual journey through Florida’s intricate underwater ecosystems. She captures the freshwater marshes, mangrove forests and acres of primeval swamp. Glaser’s Underwater images are published in the May/June 2010 issue of Orion, a twenty-eight-year-old bimonthly concerned with nature, culture, and everything in between. As stated in Orion, “Her landscape photography is shot underwater, capturing the unique natural light and life of this unfamiliar world. The mud and muck that is common to these waters may cloud their clarity, but it is their lifeblood—as Glaser describes it, ‘the living and breathing matter that seasons the soup and reflects, refracts, and bends the light to create its complexity.’ ” To see more from Karen Glaser’s project click here to view the audio visual slideshow.

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  1. Lots of my paintings on Facebook as well. Orion has a link to these photos on my Facebook. Nice looking at things from a fish point of view for a change! I live in Florida and these waters are so pristine. What’s going to happen when they start drilling along our coasts, both sides? I tried to get Orion to do a story on this before Obama came out and reneged on his promise to continue the moratorium. Perhaps now they will!

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